‘Independence Day Resurgence’ Unveiled at Albuquerque Studies

Most movies that film in Albuquerque like to keep it a secret when they’re in town, but the makers of the sequel to “Independence Day” are in the Duke City right now and they want the world to know.

The cast and crew are currently at Albuquerque Studios working on the $200 million production, which is a reprise of the 1996 blockbuster. The occasion for lifting the veil on the new movie was to announce its official title: “Independence Day Resurgence.”

Director Roland Emmerich revealed the name during a live stream with the cast from Albuquerque Studios on Monday. 20th Century Fox, the studio making the film, also used the occasion to screen a new teaser pre-trailer and release an array of photos of the set and cast, which were published en masse at comingsoon.net.

Jun 24, 2015

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