About us

Pacifica Ventures was created over a decade ago to take advantage of unique real estate and business opportunities in the entertainment industry. The company’s primary focus is on the worldwide acquisition, development, and operation of filming and production facilities for motion picture and television production. Pacifica Ventures serves the major Hollywood studios, as well as the world’s most successful independent producers, and all members of the entertainment community who create, finance, produce and distribute media content.

Our mission is to become the dominant provider of first-class, technologically advanced entertainment production facilities in the world.

Pacifica developed, built and operates the brand-new, technologically-advanced Albuquerque Studios (ABQ), which opened in Spring 2007 just minutes south of Albuquerque’s international airport. This prime New Mexico location is North America’s newest state-of-the-art production center for films, television and post-production services. ABQ features eight (8) massive soundstages, including four (4) 24,000 sq. ft. stages separated by operable partition walls that open up to a massive 48,000 sq. ft. shooting space. (Close the big wall, and you can fire off a gunshot, or a nailgun, on one stage without disturbing filming on the other.) The studio has recently played host to a number of major Hollywood productions, including the cutting-edge, 100% green-screen production of The Spirit, summer blockbuster Terminator: Salvation, the Denzel Washington thriller The Book of Eli, Marvel Studio’s The Avengers, Disney’s The Lone Ranger (currently in production) and four seasons of the Emmy-winning AMC drama series Breaking Bad. (Click the Albuquerque link at the top of this page to see many more.)

On June 10, 2010, Pacifica broke ground on the newest facility in eastern Pennsylvania just outside Philadelphia. Construction was completed in mid-2011 (and currently hosting SONY/Columbia Production 1000 AE), click the Philly Studios link at the top of this page to see some recent photos! Pacifica is also preparing for an autumn 2012 construction on a new studio in South Windsor, Connecticut. See the project links at the top of this page and our News page for the latest news. Additionally, Pacifica is actively involved in the design and construction of planned new facilities in several other U.S. states or territories that are highly active in feature film production. Additionally, Pacifica has partnered with Sprung Instant Structures to create an entirely new stage/studio product to serve the major film and television production community.

All of Pacifica’s production facilities have the same basic underlying imperative that is the key focus of Pacifica Ventures: All are located in areas of keen interest to the entertainment industry for the combination of significant tax incentives, significantly lower costs of production, and their unique and varied filming locations. Currently, Pacifica is working with its clients to increase the range of filmmaking services available in the incentivized markets, and in particular on a major initiative to bring digital production assets and post-production services closer to the physical production, both to support the increasing integration of the physical and digital production worlds and to allow producers to access the incentives on a larger proportion of their budgets.

Though Pacifica is focused on the incentivized markets today, historically the Company has been deeply involved with studio facilities in Southern California. The Culver Studios, Pacifica Ventures’ first successful negotiation and acquisition, is one of the most well known and historic independent film and television facilities in the industry. Along with venture partners Lehman Brothers, PCCP and Picbengro, Pacifica Ventures negotiated the purchase of this facility from SONY Pictures in 2003 and closed the transaction in early 2004. The group also purchased the TCSOB Building from Sony and oversaw the construction of a new 30,000 square foot office building for Sony’s Imageworks division. The total value of the transaction exceeded $125 million. Pacifica’s senior management team executed a dramatic financial and operational turnaround at the Culver Studios, initiated the construction of a new, on-lot, 50,000 sq. ft. production office building, and secured the entitlements to construct an innovative, 120,000 sq. ft. mixed use office and retail complex and a new town square walking mall in the heart of Culver City, directly adjacent to the Culver Studios “Mansion” building. In October 2006, Pacifica’s 30-month management contract at Culver Studios came to an end, and today Pacifica no longer has any affiliation with the studio’s current owners or management, as the Company’s primary focus has shifted to its new projects in New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and around the world.

Pacifica’s growing family of studio facilities, specifically designed to serve the feature film and television industry, makes up the cornerstone of a unique world-wide network of specialty stage facility and production centers that will continue to attract significant demand from major producers of content from Hollywood as well as all the emerging content production centers throughout the world.

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