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Pacifica Ventures was created over a decade ago to take advantage of unique real estate and business opportunities in the entertainment industry. The company’s primary focus is on the worldwide acquisition, development, and operation of production facilities for motion picture and television production. Pacifica Ventures serves the major Hollywood studios, as well as the world’s most successful independent producers, and all members of the entertainment community who create, finance, produce and distribute media content.

Our mission is to become the dominant provider of first-class, technologically advanced entertainment production facilities in the world.

Pacifica developed and built the state-of-the-art Albuquerque Studios (ABQ), operating the studio from its inception in 2007 for over 11 years until the facility was sold to Netflix at the end of 2018.  Located just minutes south of Albuquerque’s international airport, this prime New Mexico location features eight (8) of the largest, most-technologically advanced soundstages in the North America, including four (4) 24,000 sq. ft. stages separated by operable partition walls that open up to a massive 48,000 sq. ft. shooting space. (Close the big wall, and you can fire off a gunshot, or a nailgun, on one stage without disturbing filming on the other.)

Under Pacifica’s management, ABQ hosted many major Hollywood productions, including (on the feature film side) Marvel’s The Avengers, Fox’s Independence Day: Resurgence, Disney’s The Lone Ranger, Denzel Washington thriller The Book of Eli, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand, Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis in comedy Due Date, Emily Blunt and Benecio del Toro in Sicario and sequel Soldado, the cutting-edge, 100% green-screen production of The Spirit, and many more; on the television side, the studio was famously the home for all five seasons of AMC’s multi-Emmy Award winning series Breaking Bad, as well as all five seasons of spin-off series Better Call Saul, plus The Night Shift (4 seasons), Midnight Texas, and The Brave (all for NBC), Killer Women and Scoundrels (both for ABC), Epix’s Get Shorty, and more.

On June 10, 2010, Pacifica broke ground on its next facility in eastern Pennsylvania just outside Philadelphia. Construction was completed in mid-2011, and the studio was hosting a major production, Sony/Columbia’s After Earth, even before construction was completed.  Subsequent productions at the studio include Warner Bros. Creed and sequel Creed II, Universal’s Glass and Split, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit, 21 Bridges starring Chadwick Boseman and The Upside starring Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart and Nicole Kidman.

In March 2018, Pacifica was announced as the winner of an international competition to build a vast new state-of-the-art studio and soundstage complex in East London.  See the news page for the latest updates.

Pacifica is also preparing for a 2020 construction start on a new studio in South Windsor, Connecticut. See the project links at the top of this page and our News page for the latest news. Additionally, Pacifica is actively involved in the design and construction of planned new facilities in several other U.S. states and international territories that are highly active in feature film and television production.

Pacifica has partnered with Sprung Instant Structures to create an entirely new stage/studio product to serve the major film and television production community.  With over 10,000 buildings in over 100 countries, Sprung is the world’s leading builder of large clear-span structures for a wide range of uses including aircraft hangers, convention centers, schools, gymnasiums and athletic facilities, churches, casinos and many more.  Energy-efficient and LEED-certification eligible, the purpose-built Sprung Pacifica Sound Stages will have all of the technology and infrastructure of a traditional soundstage, and has been tested to be more soundproof than the 12” concrete walls of a standard soundstage.

Pacifica Ventures and Sprung Instant Structures are working together to bring this new soundstage technology to the world.  Many of Pacifica’s forthcoming projects will be a mix of conventional construction and Sprung technology, and both approaches remain available to our consulting clients around the world.

Though Pacifica is focused on the incentivized markets today, historically the Company has been deeply involved with studio facilities in Southern California. The Culver Studios, Pacifica Ventures’ first successful negotiation and acquisition, is one of the most well known and historic independent film and television facilities in the industry. Along with venture partners including Lehman Brothers, Pacifica Ventures negotiated the purchase of this facility from Sony Pictures in 2003 and closed the transaction in early 2004. The group also purchased the TCSOB Building from Sony and oversaw the construction of a new 30,000 square foot office building for Sony’s Imageworks division. The total value of the transaction exceeded $125 million. Pacifica’s senior management team executed a dramatic financial and operational turnaround at the Culver Studios, initiated the construction of a new, on-lot, 50,000 sq. ft. production office building, and secured the entitlements to construct an innovative, 120,000 sq. ft. mixed use office and retail complex and a new town square walking mall in the heart of Culver City, directly adjacent to the Culver Studios “Mansion” building. In October 2006, Pacifica’s 30-month management contract at Culver Studios came to an end, and today Pacifica no longer has any affiliation with the studio’s current owners or management, as the Company’s primary focus has shifted to its new projects around the world.

Pacifica’s growing family of studio facilities, specifically designed to serve the feature film and television industry, makes up the cornerstone of a unique world-wide network of specialty stage facility and production centers that will continue to attract significant demand from major producers of content from Hollywood as well as all the emerging content production centers throughout the world.

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