Albuquerque Studios

Pacifica developed and built the state-of-the-art Albuquerque Studios (ABQ), operating the studio from its inception in 2007 for over 11 years until the facility was sold to Netflix at the end of 2018.  Located just minutes south of Albuquerque’s international airport, this prime New Mexico location features eight (8) of the largest, most-technologically advanced soundstages in the North America, including four (4) 24,000 sq. ft. stages separated by operable partition walls that open up to a massive 48,000 sq. ft. shooting space. (Close the big wall, and you can fire off a gunshot, or a nailgun, on one stage without disturbing filming on the other.)  ABQ also boasts plentiful office space, back lot space, mill, storage and set-construction space, post-production suites, and the full spectrum of production support services, all situated on a 28-acre campus setting.

Under Pacifica’s management, ABQ hosted many major Hollywood productions, including (on the feature film side) Marvel’s The Avengers, Fox’s Independence Day: Resurgence, Disney’s The Lone Ranger, Denzel Washington thriller The Book of Eli, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand, Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis in comedy Due Date, Emily Blunt and Benecio del Toro in Sicario and sequel Soldado, the cutting-edge, 100% green-screen production of The Spirit, and many more; on the television side, the studio was famously the home for all five seasons of AMC’s multi-Emmy Award winning series Breaking Bad, as well as all five seasons of spin-off series Better Call Saul, plus The Night Shift (4 seasons), Midnight Texas, and The Brave (all for NBC), Killer Women and Scoundrels (both for ABC), Epix’s Get Shorty, and more.

Visit the ABQ Studios site: ABQ Studios

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