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Enjoy exclusive discounts on PPG Paint purchases through PPG Paint Stores, The Home Depot and Premier Authorized Dealers! Cost-effective options, ensuring your creative vision comes to life, without breaking the budget

Lights, Camera, Paint Discounts


PPG paints and coatings are used to protect and enhance some of the world's best-known products and brands

The Paint Purchasing Program

Let's look at the details

  • The paint program to save you money

  • PPG accepts all major credit cards and offers credit through a PPG credit account (house account)

  • If you already have a PPG account and would like to be connected to the PPG program, email your account information over to the

  • Pacifica Ventures negotiated Gold Standard pricing, which is a great value for productions, plus 15% off sundries in PPG stores

  • PPG Gold Pricing can be used at other distributors as well

  • Buyers can simply update the production they are on and register new P-cards or a new credit account. No need to open a new account every time you begin a new production

  • Once you sign up for the program, PPG will send you a copy of the price file

  • Roughly 20-25% savings on paint

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How To Start

Simple simple simple

  1. Please include First and Last Name

  2. Where product is to be shipped

  3. When the product is needed

  4. Email to:

Please visit for more product information and technical data sheets or to find a store near you

Scan to find the closest PPG Paints Store or Home Depot near you

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