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Pacifica has the management team, the financial tools, the advanced technology, and the studio production expertise to become the preeminent provider of state-of-the-art studio facilities and services to the film and television production industry at a time of significant growth and innovation worldwide. Pacifica’s projects include conventional stage projects and new sound stage technology from Sprung Instant Structures.

Meet the Team

Hal Katersky.png


Hal Katersky

Mr. Katersky has had a diverse business career as an international management consultant, CEO, COO and CFO of a variety of companies as diverse as real estate development to start up technology companies. Hal was a Partner at Touche Ross Management Consulting where he specialized in mergers, acquisitions and corporate turn-arounds. His clients included real estate developers, auto manufacturers, manufacturing companies and government entities.

Wayne Rauchberg.png


Wayne Rauschenberger

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Wayne has over 40 years of experience in finance of major companies, first in Aero Space with Northrop Grumman Corporation, followed by a senior management role at Universal Studios in the real estate division, 15 years with Pacifica Ventures, first at the The Culver Studios, then as Chief Operating Officer of ABQ Studios in New Mexico.

Dana Arnold.png


Dana Arnold

Mr. Arnold has more than 25 years' experience in developing and operating media-related businesses as well as in acquisitions and mergers. He acted as lead negotiator in the acquisition of The Culver Studios from SONY Pictures in 2003 (in partnership with Lehman Brothers) and led the Pacifica Ventures transition team before and after the close of that transaction. In April, 2004, he assumed the position of CEO of The Culver Studios, establishing the initial business planning for the studio's turnaround.

Ruth Caruso.jpg


Ruth Caruso

For the past decade Ruth Caruso has been spearheading market strategy and client outreach for Pacifica Ventures.  Ruth has spent most of her tenure leading sales and marketing efforts for Albuquerque Studios, Sun Center Studios in Philadelphia, and new facilities coming on line, as well as taken on additional responsibilities of operations oversight.

Amit Yonay_edited.jpg

Managing Director Finance

Amit Yonay

Amit Yonay (Managing Director Finance) joined Pacifica Ventures as Managing Partner of Finance in 2022, upon the decision to form Pacifica Studio Partners.  He is an accomplished financial transaction specialist, deal maker and creative problem solver with particular expertise in the finance of commercial real estate. He is actively engaged in the development of Pacifica’s Santa Clarita Studio Project and is also working on projects in North America, Europe and Australia for Pacifica.

Mark Miller.jpg

EVP, Chief Technology Officer

Mark Miller

Highly motivated manager with 40 years of experience. High-energy, results-oriented leader with an entrepreneurial attitude. Offering outstanding presentation, organization and cross-cultural team management skills. He's had many years of both production/operations and technical experience in the post-production, visual effects and production industries, with a proven track record of taking departments and even whole companies from losses to profits through nuanced thinking and tightened efficiency.

George Bundren.png

EVP Supply Chain Programs

George "Eddie" Bundren

Eddie Bundren brings over 30 years of industrial experience to the Pacifica Team as the EVP of Supply Chain and Client Support Programs. His focus is on maximizing purchasing power of Production and Media Clients as they bring billions of production budget dollars to local businesses and suppliers at production facilities worldwide. Bundren is commiteed to implementing client driven strategic programs that drive the cost savings for all of Pacifica Ventures' media and film production clients.

Bill Waltman.png

VP, Chief Facilities Engineering Officer

Bill Waltman

As Chief Engineering Officer (CEO), Bill has over 25 years of experience working at studio facilities with over 15 years with Pacifica Ventures, first at The Culver Studios as Senior Electrician, and then Head of Plant Operations and Engineering at ABQ Studios in New Mexico. Bill brings a complete knowledge of studio operational plant engineering as well as a font of construction skills as an electrician with specific knowledge of stage facility design and operations.

Tony Grey

VP, Facilities Development and Production Support

Tony Grey

Tony Grey is a manager and operations specialist with over 15 years of experience leading cross functional teams. His areas of expertise include facilities development and project management, retail field operations, customer service management, and strategic business development. After earning a bachelor's degree in English from the College of William and Mary, he transformed his literary passion into a career with Borders Books & Music, climbing the ranks to manage multiple store locations in the Pacific Northwest.

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